Stay updated on The Point's response, cancellations, and precautions regarding the coronavirus.

Continue to check back here for information regarding our response to COVID-19:

1.) We are now gathering in person!

We are currently gathering both online and in person. Scroll down to see the safety measures in place.

2.) We are still gathering online as well.

If you are high-risk, experiencing symptoms, have been exposed, or simply aren't comfortable gathering in groups right now, we will still be streaming live and encourage you to plug in and engage from home!

3.) Continue to listen to healthcare professionals. 

Please wash your hands, wear masks, and practice physical distancing. If you or someone in your family is more high-risk, we fully respect and support your decision to continue to distance yourself and engage online until you believe it is safe to join us again. For those of you who do feel safe to gather, we will still have additional safety measures in place.

4.) Stay plugged in.

Opt in for emails from The Point here and make sure you're following us on all social media platforms to stay informed and encouraged. Feeling alone? Please reach out!


  • Hand sanitizer is readily available. Get your pump on!
  • The new space is conveniently large! Between the ground floor and the balcony, there is plenty of space for you to easily spread out during the service.
  • We encourage wearing masks. If you forget yours, we have free disposable ones available near the entrance.
  • Coffee will not be self-serve. In order to limit the spread of germs during this season, you get the royal treatment! A friendly-under-the-mask face will be happy to pour you a cup of coffee outside in the courtyard.
  • Offering buckets will be in the back. Instead of passing the popcorn buckets, any physical offerings, connect cards, etc. can be dropped in a bucket in the back of the sanctuary on your way out.
  • Church Online is always available! Don't feel comfortable going out just yet? That's okay! We will still be livestreaming our experience at 10:30am on Sundays and we'd love for you to join.