Cultivate Community

a year end giving initiative


a year end giving initiative

The Point exists to connect the disconnected to a growing and reproducing relationship with Christ. We are excited to launch into that mission together more than ever before by "Cultivating Community" in 2021 in three unique ways.


If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that community is invaluable. Our first goal is to create safe and welcoming spaces to foster real and lasting friendships within our church. Through "Cultivate Community" we'd like to continue to make The Point's new space a more comfortable and welcoming place for you to worship, connect throughout the week, and invite your friends.


If you've been at The Point for awhile, you may recognize the phrase "Rent Free." In past years, we've strived to set aside the next year's rent in order to have more flexibility to love our city, connect with each other, and give generously.

This year, we are setting out to be Rent Free... forever.

Our new space provides new opportunity to generate sustainable income by renting portions of our space to people and organizations in Knoxville. Not only will this free up funds and sustain our future - but we'll be able to do so by connecting with our city more than ever before.

2021 will see the launch of "West Fifth," a work space and studio for local artists to rent, tucked right inside The Point. We will also rent space to the Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking (CCAHT). They will be using this additional space for their transitional care programming - offering counseling, classes, and resources to help women heal, grow, and move forward in a thriving life after trafficking.  Beyond their transitional care, they desire to offer proactive outreach to at risk, vulnerable women in our community - hoping to serve our most at-risk neighbors before they become trafficked. (Praise God!)

There are even more potential renters than these, including local churches and other non-profits. We are so excited to see what God is going to do (and is already doing) inside the walls of 211 W. Fifth Ave.


But we've never really been an "inside the walls" type church, have we?

While we are excited to be in a space that can foster friendships and sustain our future, we are still a church that is all about serving our city. We pray 2021 will allow us to again be at festivals, concerts, 5Ks, and more - bringing the hope of Christ where no one expected it, reminding Knoxville that Jesus indeed "loves me and my tattoos", and continuing to see what God can do through koozies and conversations.


Our goal is to achieve these three things by raising $30,000 between now and December 31st.

This may sound like a lot, but we hope to do this by having 100% participation from people who call The Point home. Whether that means $1 or $10,000, will you join us in Cultivating Community in 2021?