Cultivate Community

a lifestyle of generosity


through a lifestyle of generosity

God is doing great things in Knoxville and we want you to be a part of it! We’re asking every person who calls The Point their church home to give a special year-end gift and live an ongoing lifestyle of generosity through a new or increased commitment to support the mission of The Point.


In 2010, The Point set out with one mission: To connect the disconnected to a growing and reproducing relationship with Christ. In the 13+ years since, we’ve pursued this mission in a variety of ways. Over the past few years. we've desired to connect the disconnected through cultivating community in and through The Point by fostering friendship, sustaining the future, & serving our city.



While it is nice to gather weekly for worship or occasionally for meals, meaningful friendship happens best in regular, daily living. With our shift toward geographically based Connect Groups, we intend to continue fostering real and lasting friendships in the very place you live. Helping you (and your neighbor) connect with these groups will continue to be a big focus in the upcoming year.


All of our efforts to connect the disconnected carry minimal value if they do not move us into our city to love and serve others. We will continue to use our time, energy, & building to host and serve various non-profits in our city. Beyond that, we hope to continue to go out of the building, into places people don't necessarily expect to encounter the hope of Jesus. 


Speaking of the builing, since being in this space, The Point has been able to rent out portions of it to a variety of businesses, artists, groups, etc. This has allowed us to do important things like keep the lights on & make sure toilet paper is always readily available! However, The Point has also been renters ourselves for the past 13+ years. Sustaining our future may mean changes in our future. We are actually beginning the search for a permanent home for The Point... and this may mean leaving our current building at 211 W. Fifth Ave.

Now, to be perfectly clear, we may end up remaining in the same building (in fact, we still have two years in our lease!). All we know for sure is that with the increased rent (due in part to increased taxes and insurance), it is time for us to begin preparing to purchase a long-term space. 


As we look forward to the coming year of fostering friendship, serving our city, & searching for a permanent home, we have set two big goals. If you call The Point your church home, would you consider how you can grow in generosity to help us reach our goals of $50,000 and 100% participation by our church family?

Make your difference with a one-time gift or a recurring monthly gift here.