We love kids at The Point! If you have kiddos, this is a great place to start.



The Point isn’t just a place where you can come as you are - it’s also a safe place for your kids to come as they are. KidsPoint is where your children get the chance to experience Jesus’ love at their level.


During "Unprecedented" Times:

Due to risk of infection, we are not currently offering KidsPoint. Instead, we encourage you to worship with the whole family on Sunday mornings in person or online! We are currently hoping to relaunch in the new year.

During "Precedented" Times:


On your first visit, head through the courtyard towards the KidsPoint Check-In station. Someone in a red KidsPoint shirt will be there to greet you and help you register.

Our check-in procedures ensure that children are under our care until a parent or guardian picks them up. Check-in is simple! We even have a self-check-in station for your convenience.

Once checked-in, you and your kiddo will be given matching name tags which are exclusive to your family for that day. Your child will need to wear one name tag while you hold on to the matching tag.

Your kids will then join you for worship. Before the message, they will be dismissed and led to KidsPoint by our volunteers.


In the event that we need to contact you during the service, we'll simply send you a text message requesting you come back to the KidsPoint area.


Head back to the KidsPoint check-in station with the tag you received earlier that morning. That tag is how we can safely release your child back to you.

Click the button below to make your first visit even easier!

Family Sundays:

On the first Sunday of every month, kids are included in the service. We use this Sunday as an opportunity to experience all aspects of worship together as one big family.

Since we know church with kids can be challenging at times, we provide resources on these Sundays to help your children connect with Jesus alongside you. Just stop by KidsPoint before service to pick up some activities and snacks!


When will KidsPoint be starting again?

That is a great question, but one we can't answer quite yet! Keep an eye out for announcements regarding re-launching KidsPoint. If you're not signed up for our Weekly Updates, you can do so here.

What age is KidsPoint for?

We welcome brand-new babies all the way through 2nd grade into our KidsPoint experience. Have an older child? They might make a great Junior Volunteer! Reach out to us at kids@thepointknox.com to find out more.

Do my kids have to go to KidsPoint?

Nope! Your children are absolutely welcome to stay in the service with you. We think children are awesome and love seeing them in church!

Have another question?

Great! We’d love to connect. Simply send us an email at kids@thepointknox.com.